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Internet Based Listing

Online admission for derivatives and bonds

In response to the needs of a growing derivatives and bond market, the SIX Swiss Exchange supports the admission procedure by means of an automated Internet application ("Internet Based Listing", IBL).

As a result, applications for provisional admission of derivatives and bonds to trading on SIX Swiss Exchange can be processed online. IBL allows applicants' databases to be linked to the one of SIX Swiss Exchange and provides applicants with a comprehensive overview of their applications at all times. With IBL, products can already be traded the day after the application is submitted.

SIX Securities Services and SIX Telekurs Ltd are integrated into the IBL workflow as well.

Thanks to IBL, issuers can save money in several ways: issuing procedures are streamlined and centralised, listing charges are greatly reduced.

As per January 1 2009, the duty to produce and publish listing notices for debt securities has been repealed. The IBL-functionality for the publication of listing notices will nevertheless stay in place, allowing issuers who wish to do so to publish notices electronically on the SIX Exchange Regulation website. It is the issuer's sole responsibility to check whether this form of publication is admissible under the law applicable to the issue in question.

IBL documentation

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