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Applications for provisional admission to trading of derivatives and bonds can be entered online using IBL. Different users in the same company can enter, process and copy applications. Users with appropriate authorisations can thus submit entered applications to the SIX Swiss Exchange efficiently by electronic means; signatures are no longer required. Physical documents are no longer exchanged between the applicant and the SIX Swiss Exchange for provisional admissions.

The user and the company can receive information regarding the status of every application submitted to the SIX Swiss Exchange via IBL as desired via the Web or even e-mail. The current overview of all applications and information regarding individual applications can be accessed in detail as well as printed from PDF files or saved to disk.

Batch upload

The IBL application comprises among other things an entry screen for entering information manually as well as a functionality with which a number of applications can be sent to the IBL system automatically at the same time (batch upload).

A batch upload is expedient if the products have already been entered in an internal database by the issuer. These data can then be transferred directly to the IBL connection, making manual entry of the data unnecessary. To do this the appropriate interfaces must be configured by the applicant (recognised representative) or the issuer's IT department. The specifications of the interface data format can be found at the right under "Links".

Securities master data

The data entered via IBL can be accepted by the SIX Securities Services as well as the SIX Telekurs Ltd (as long as the applicant agrees to the data export). In this way, all three partners in the Swiss Value Chain can access the same set of master data.

The assignment of a security number, security symbol and (CH- and LI-)ISIN can also be made by SIX Telekurs Ltd via IBL.


With IBL, products can be traded as soon as one day after receipt of the application. The issuer enjoys the following advantages:

  • the issuing activity is simplified;
  • with the optional inclusion of SIX Securities Services and SIX Telekurs Ltd in the processing of the application, the admission procedure becomes more centralised and efficient;
  • charges for admission via IBL are significantly reduced;
  • notices for debt securities according to point 2.8 of scheme E[pdf] respectively point 3.5 of scheme D[pdf] can be published online via IBL.

Using IBL is free and not required. Charges pursuant to the valid List of Changes[pdf] apply to applications submitted via IBL and are invoiced at the time of provisional admission.

Pursuant to Art. 27 para. 2 Additional Rules Bonds[pdf] or Art. 33 para. 2 Additional Rules Derivatives[pdf], a definitive listing application must be submitted within two months following the provisional admission to trading via IBL.