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The listing of a company or its shares varies with the security and transaction type. Listing is governed by the Listing Rules, Additional Rules, Directives, Circulars and Communiqués.

Types of securities that can be listed

There are two basic types of securities listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange:

  • Equity securities (shares, participation certificates, bonus certificates, investment fund units, individual/umbrella funds, ETFs, ETSFs) show more

  • Debt securities (bonds, derivatives, ETPs) show more

Listing application

A listing application must be submitted in writing by a representative recognised by SIX Exchange Regulation as knowledgeable. It may be written in German, French, Italian or English. The application must be submitted to SIX Exchange Regulation at the latest 20 exchange days prior to the intended listing date. It must include a brief description of the security and a request regarding the scheduled first trading day.

To be submitted along with the application are, among other things, the following documents:

  • Listing prospectus;
  • Declaration that the printing regulations of SIX Securities Services have been maintained (if applicable) or a photocopy of the global certificate;
  • Extract from the Commercial Register;
  • Articles of association;
  • Declaration of the lead manager regarding distribution under Art. 19 Listing Rules[pdf]
  • Declaration of the issuer in accordance with Art. 45 Listing Rules[pdf]

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Going Public on SIX Swiss Exchange  
Declaration of Approval
Declaration of Approval (italian version)
Issuer Declaration and Declaration of Approval for Non-Swiss Bond Issuers
Declaration as per Art. 4 para. 1 point 8 DPETP